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Ice Machine Accessories

Accessories for Your Ice Machines


We also provide various accessories for your ice machine, making it easier for you to start and produce ice. Some of the usual accessories set up with ice machines include raw water filters, ice machine cradle, hoper and screw conveyor and ice packing machine.

Water Filter

The water filter is a must owned accessories for you to be able to produce hygienic ice worth consumption. Because in ice freezing systems, the quality of incoming water determines the quality of the ice produced.

It is advisable to use RO water filters (Reverse Osmosis) especially when production sites are in urban areas and coastal areas.

Steel Platform

The steel platform is made to fit the size of the ice body frame. With the ice machine holder the ice packing process becomes easier.

Hoper & Screw Conveyor

These accessories serve as a temporary container of ice before the production directly to the packaging process. With the hoper and conveyor the amount of ice that goes into the packaging process can be stable and remain same.

Mesin Kemas Es

Ice Packing Machine

Ice machine consumption with capacity of 5 Ton and above is recommended to use ice packing machine to speed up the production process. With this tool, the production becomes more hygienic because the ice never have a direct contact with the operator’s hand.

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