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Slurry Ice Machine

microscopic ice crystal solution


Slurry ice is a solution of microscopic crystals floating in water with an extra-fast cooling process. The advantage of this type of ice is the uniform contact throughout the product surface, so that cooling is evenly distributed and easily distributed with the help of pumps and pipes. However, slurry ice is not suitable for long-term storage.

Slurry Ice Machine

Slurry Ice Machine

Slurry Ice or Liquid Ice is a solution of microscopic ice crystals with adjustable concentrations as needed (20-50%). Can be streamed with a pump like water, but cools like ice. When sprayed into a crate full of fresh fish, Slurry Ice easily fills every gap, cools quickly (about 4 times faster than Flake or Block Ice), so the catch remains fresh.

The Liquid Ice Pile will form a soft pad so as not to hurt the cooled product. Thanks to its ease of distribution and handling, Es Liquid greatly helps improve productivity and flexibility.


Model Capacity
(Ton / Day)
Power (KW) External Dimension
L * W * H (mm)
Weight (Kg)
PRS-1000 1 5.2 650 * 700 * 1450 220
PRS-2500 2.5 6.5 800 * 700 * 1580 320
PRS-5000 5 12 1200 * 900 * 1580 620
PRS-10000 10 22 1500 * 1000 * 1900 960
PRS-15000 15 30 1650 * 1200 * 1900 1250
  1. Ice-making Capacity is guaranteed at 25℃ ambient temperature and 18℃ fresh water supply temperature.
  2. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Slurry Ice Machine In Action

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